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About Other / Student JJ ROXFemale/United States Group :iconbrick-x-blossom: Brick-X-Blossom
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Bubbles and Boomer :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 0 0 PPG and RRB Real Life :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 7 2 Buttercup :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 3 0 Blossom :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 4 2 Bubbles :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 2 0 The six Wizards :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 4 1 60's Powerpuff's ^.^ :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 5 1 Buttercup and Butch (Hogwarts) :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 16 0 Bubbles and Boomer (Hogwarts) :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 6 0 Blossom and Brick (Hogwarts) :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 37 1
Unwanted Love Chap.2
Me: sorry it took so long I've been so  busy and school just started so lots of teachers dumping homework on me but I will make time to make them as soon as possible
Brick: am I in it yet
Me: depends
Brick: depends on what
Me: depends on if you just shut up and watch
Brick: FINE.
Me: I own only some character's but you'll know the ones I don't know
Blossom: enjoy and don't forget to review

Buttercups P.O.V
When me and my sisters where flying to school I saw three other streaks in the sky one blood red the second one a royal blue and the third one a beautiful forest green. But something was up, I looked at leader girl and saw she was looking at them two. "Blossom what do you think made those streaks over their" Blossom shook her head while bubbles was just thinking.
"Do you think the Rowdyruff boys returned" bubbles suggested
"No," Blossom stated "they disappeared off the face of the earth ten years ago"
"she might be right, leader girl" I said "they could be back" Blos
:iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 5 2
Buttercup fantasy :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 3 0 Bubbles fantasy :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 2 0 Blossom fantasy :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 3 0
Unwanted Love Chap. 1
Me: so this is my first fanfic and it's all about BlossomxBrick my fav couple of the PPG and RRB couples so the story ends in a song-fic but I'm not gunna tell you what the song is so your just gunna hafto wait till the end witch hopefully is a long ways away so I can have a long story oh and by the way their might be some boomerxbubbles and butchxbutterup but I'm not so sure right now so…
Brick: Get on with it!
Me: I was getting to it stupid
Brick: oh XD
Blossom: Ur stupid
Brick: AM NOT!
Me: well while they fight let stat the story shall we, Bubbles
Bubbles: She doesn't own the PPG, RRB or most of the characters in this story
(Blossoms P.O.V)
It has been 10 years sense me and my sisters last saw the RowdyRuff Boys. One day the boys just disappeared we look everywhere for them even the bad side of town where the Gangreen Gang and all those other criminals live, so after weeks and weeks of searching Townsville we decided that may the boys moved or gave up the life of crime. How
:iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 7 11
Death Wish :iconjjrox9999:JJROX9999 2 0


I still need you -destiel :iconespadadina:EspadaDina 336 32 Destiel Tshirt B :iconjudithzzyukogd:JudithzzYukoGD 91 17 Day 18: Doing something together (Destiel) :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,650 169 Destiel Tshirt D :iconjudithzzyukogd:JudithzzYukoGD 95 2 Beard(destiel) :iconseanhe:SeanHe 243 22 Blossom and Brick :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 107 16 Smoocheysmooch :iconvalimermaid95:valimermaid95 311 45 Ppg :iconlexy-06:Lexy-06 164 16 does i bleed art? :iconmacciii:macciii 596 113 Night And Day :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 112 19 Girls and Boys :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 881 97 Powerpunk 2014 :iconthedayissaved:TheDayIsSaved 1,278 73 Blossick Yo :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 387 102 Butch Shows All :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 425 325 Butch's Perverted Song :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 373 211 Blossick Style Practice :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 422 95



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United States
i <3 anime, ppgz, rrbz, and dexter x blossom


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